Our uniform is designed to be smart and simple. When you wear our uniform, it will bring great pride to you and to us. Wearing a uniform demonstrates high standards, our values and a sense of community.

Uniform List





Green with school badge

Green with school badge

Must be worn at all times unless member of staff has given pupil permission to remove it


Plain white short or long sleeve, to be worn inside trousers

Plain white short or long sleeve, to be worn inside skirt

In all cases shirts must be tucked in


Official school house tie

Official school house tie

To be worn at all times showing “5 stripes” with no gap between knot and top  button


Medium grey or black tailored trousers similar to Trutex style  TFF or TBT

Smart grey tailored trousers similar to Trutex JWT440

Denim, corduroy, jeans, chinos, patch-pocketed skinny leg trousers etc are not allowed



Medium grey, knee length, medium box pleated

No straight skirts permitted


Black, grey or white

Black or white socks

Plain black tights (not patterned) optional in cold weather. Sock and tights should not be worn together


Plain black traditional school shoes

Plain black traditional school shoes. Shoes with any sort of heel are unacceptable.

Refer to guidance document for clarification click here. We will rigorously apply the concept of traditional school shoes. Many retailers do not give the correct advice.


Green V-neck embroidered with school badge

Green V-neck embroidered with school badge


Sport and Physical Education Uniform List




Key Stage 3

Years 7-9

Red and black football top, red shorts, red socks, sports trainers, football boots.

An optional green hooded sweatshirt with Ribblesdale logo can be worn

White polo shirt, red skirt, white socks, sports trainers.

An optional green hooded sweatshirt with Ribblesdale logo can be worn

All pupils require a change of underwear, towel, soap, plastic bag.

Do's & Donts




Wear an outdoor coat, which is dark and plain.

Wear any coats in classrooms or any social areas of the school e.g. dining rooms.

Wear hooded or tracksuit tops, as they are NOT allowed at any time on school grounds.


Wear one pair of plain, silver or gold stud or sleeper earrings in the lower ear.

Wear coloured, pearl or diamond earrings.


Wear a wristwatch

Wear any other jewellery, e.g. rings, chains, bands, bracelets and tongue / nose piercings.

This includes retainers.


Wear lip balm if it is colourless

Wear any make-up including gel and acrylic nails, false eyelashes and nail varnish.

Hair styles

Make sure your hair is neat and tidy

Avoid extremes of colour and style

Hair accessories e.g. clips and bobbles

Ensure hair accessories are small in size and black or green in colour

Wear any other colours.

Head scarfs

Wear a headscarf if you wish. This must be black. They can be large enough to cover the chest area but should not cover the schools badge.

Wear a headscarf which has diamonds or other decorations on them or with large brooches.


Wear plain black traditional school shoes.

Wear incorrect footwear because if pupils do not have the correct footwear, shoes will be provided by school that must be worn for the day.

Further Guidance For Shoes

Please refer to the guidance given below when buying school shoes;

Girls’ shoes must be black, plain and well supported.  Shoes with any sort of heel are unacceptable.  They can be worn with fastened black laces, buckles or velcro.  Boots, trainers or canvas gym pump style shoes are not allowed.  Flimsy canvas slipper and ballet style shoes provide no support.  They are unsuitable and dangerous for school use.

Boys’ shoes must be black, plain well supported and low heeled.  All stitching and laces must be black and laces tied at all times.  Boots and trainer style shoes (even if they are black) are unacceptable, as are canvas gym pump style shoes and “show off” designer labels. 

List of school shoes NOT ALLOWED:

  • Converse
  • Vans
  • Lonsdale
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Nike
  • Timberland
  • Rockport
  • UGG boots


We understand that on occasion it may be necessary for a pupil to come to school in something other than their ordinary school shoes, for example if their shoes have broken. Unless there is a medical reason, pupils will be given a pair of shoes to wear for the day or until they have their own school shoes.These shoes are supplied by the school and are completely sanitised. Refusal to wear school shoes will result in the pupil being placed in the R&R until the issue is resolved.

Where can I purchase Uniform?


31 Castle Street
Tel: 01200 429 078

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Tel: 01254 51425

Whittakers School Wear

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20-26 Church Street,
Tel: 01254 676 047

Ribble Valley Supplies Ltd

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