The House System

The House System

When you arrive at Ribblesdale, you will be put into one of five houses depending on which form you are in.

The houses are:


Mitton 7A 7B
Edisford 7C 7D
Downham 7E 7F
Chatburn 7G 7H
Waddington 7J 7K


You will wear the coloured tie of your house. For example, if you are in 7A, you are in Mitton and therefore wear a red tie.

The sense of community in each House is very important and you will soon get to know the other pupils in your form group very well over the first few months, as well as the older pupils in your House who will be able to help and support you as you settle in.

If you do good work in school, your teachers will award you with house points; these will be added together to form a weekly total for your house.

You will receive certificates for collecting 75, 150, 300 and 500 house points and you will also go into a prize draw to win a voucher.

Excellent attendance is praised highly at Ribblesdale; you will receive certificates and go into a prize draw to win a voucher.

The winning house receive the house cup at the end of the year!

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