7A | Mrs Mashiter | R7 | Mitton

My name is Mrs Mashiter. I really enjoy being a Year 7 form tutor and helping the new pupils settle into Ribblesdale. We always work together as a team in form to support each other to make new friends and find our way around school. I have two children called Florence who is 5 and Edward is 2, they keep me busy! I was also brought up on a farm with lots of cows. In my spare time, I enjoy netball with my friends.

7B | Miss Smith| H3 | Mitton

Hello my name is Miss Smith and I teach English along with looking after form 7B; I have taught here for four years now. I am really excited to take on a Year 7 form and will try my best to give you the best welcome to Ribblesdale possible! I enjoy getting to know the characters in a form group so I hope you will have lots to tell me, such as fun facts about yourself and what you have been up to over summer. Teamwork makes the dream work and I like a form group who helps one another. If I don’t end up with you in my form group, I really hope that I get to teach you English and see you develop. See you in September!

7C | Miss Billington | G7 | Edisford

My name is Miss Billington. I have been working at Ribblesdale since 2015. I have just returned to Ribblesdale after having a little girl called Grace. She is so curious and into everything that she shouldn’t be into. The subject I teach is geography and I have done the occasional PE lesson too! I love spending time outdoors and exploring the country, especially the Lake District. My favourite type of food is Mexican even though I have never been to Mexico! I am looking forward to meeting all the year 7s in September and I am sure you will love Ribblesdale.

7D | Mr Hussain | H4 | Edisford

Hello, my name is Mr Hussain and I am 7D's new form tutor. Like you I am new to Ribblesdale and will start in September. I feel very lucky to be the form tutor of 7D which is in Edisford house. I am a Computer Science teacher and cannot wait to meet you all in September and hear about what you have been getting up to in your summer holidays.

7E | Mrs Caswell | G1 | Downham

Hi, my name is Mrs Caswell and I am fortunate enough to be the form tutor of 7E which is in the best house, Downham. This is great for me as purple is my favourite colour.  I am also a science teacher so my form gets to be in a cool science lab every morning. I love travelling and trying different types of food (love biscuits!). I have an adorable black Labrador called Millie which I walk every day and have hens, three of which were hatched at Ribblesdale during science week. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

7F | Mrs Bradshaw | R15| Downham

I love being a dedicated year 7 form tutor as I get to meet you before you even start school at Ribblesdale. I enjoy hearing how excited you all are and taking you through to the next stage of your school life. I have a daughter who attended Ribblesdale so I also know what it’s like to be a parent of a pupil who attends this school. Here are some things you might like to know about me : My favourite colour – Green, season – Summer, food – Chinese, book – any autobiography, drink – water, hobbies – shopping and reading. If I don’t end up with you in my form I really hope that I get to teach you mathematics.

7G | Mrs Houldsworth | C1 | Chatburn

My name is Mrs Houldsworth and I’m one of the year 7 form tutors. The main subject I teach is maths but I’ve had a year 7 form since I started at Ribblesdale 5 years ago and I really enjoy it! I look forward to meeting my new group in September and hopefully doing lots of exciting things throughout the year!

7H | Mr Patel | B1 | Chatburn

My name is Mr Patel and it has been a great pleasure being a year 7 form tutor for the first time in my teaching career. I have learnt a lot and cannot wait to continue on this journey to try and make Ribblesdale an enjoyable and lasting experience for you. I like to keep fit by taking part in spinning classes and my favourite food is chicken. I love spending time with my family at the weekends and during the holidays. I absolutely love teaching science. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all in September so that we can share some great stories about your summer adventures.

7J | Mrs Lynch | B6 | Waddington

My name is Mrs Lynch and I have been a year 7 form tutor for a long time. I teach science and my form are in Waddington house. I have two dogs they are called Ruby and Teddy, I also have chickens and love cooking using the eggs they lay. I am looking forward to meeting you in September and hearing about yourself and what you have been doing over the Summer.

7K | Ms Baldwin / Mrs Taylor| D3 | Waddington

I’m Ms Baldwin and love teaching English here. I have 3 children: 2 older girls and a little boy of 3 who thinks he is Spiderman. I love teaching Key stage 3 and can’t wait to have you either in my form or in my lessons. As well as reading books and writing stories, I love to run, go on holiday (of course)  and watch films. I’m sure we will have lots in common. Please say hello to me when you can. Mrs Taylor will also take you for the second half of the week, she is really  helpful and friendly so I know you will be in good hands.