Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour Expectations

Our school ethos is framed as the ‘Ribblesdale Way’.

This is the agreed set of values that all members of our community adhere to in a mutually respectful and supportive way, where every pupil is encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and value the contribution of others.


The Ribblesdale Way

Behaviour Expectations

  • Behave sensibly and be respectful to other people.
  • Wear the correct school uniform and make sure you are always smart.
  • Remove coats, hats and scarfs when inside the school.
  • When moving around school, do so quickly, quietly and in an orderly fashion.
  • Don’t bring lighters, cigarettes, knives or dangerous items into school.
  • Make sure all electronic items (e.g. mobile phones) are switched off when you come into school.
  • Stay in school during the day.
  • If you are ill, report to student services and they will contact home.
  • Eat food only in dining areas – keep your school tidy and litter free!
  • Follow any instructions given by a member of staff, without question!
  • Always bring the correct equipment to school for the subjects you have that day.


Classroom Expectations

  • When instructed, enter classrooms quietly and remove your coat.
  • Once in the classroom, remain standing behind your places until told to sit down.
  • Once sat down, quietly get equipment out ready to start the lesson.
  • If a member of staff enters the classroom, stand and remain in silence until told to sit down.
  • Listen carefully at all times and follow the teacher’s instructions.
  • Start work promptly and concentrate!
  • Do not disrupt the learning in the classroom at any time.
  • When answering questions, put your hand up and wait until given permission to speak.
  • Try your best before asking for help but if you need assistance, be patient and ask politely. The bell is for the teachers not for pupils.

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